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Tai Chi 4 M Blaby District
Tai Chi classes for all ages and abilities NAKMAS Affiliated instructor 21 years teaching experience. Classes are friendly and structured and will be at a pace to suit the people attending.
Hello From Rose March 2021
Blaby District tai chi classes 2020-2021
Hello I'm Rose I have been teaching Tai Chi and Chi Gung since 1998
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Blaby District tai chi classes 2020-2021

Contact Details

Hello thank you for your interest if you need any further details please do not hesitate to get in touch.

0116 2864640

0777 398 1011 please text as I do not have my phone on during classes

There is an answerphone if I am not available at the time of your call and I will ring you back as soon as I can.



Tai Chi Poem

I think tai chi is good for me

It’s a gentle Chinese art

Slow flowing movements

No stress on the heart.


Although I’m not that mobile

I’m told I will improve

Led by Rose my teacher

Who watches every move.


Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate

And go with the flow

Then I lose my balance

And whoops, over I go. (not really!)


Rose says my balance will get better

My knees will no longer creak

I will be able to stand on one leg

Improving week by week.


I must admit it calms the mind

I feel better for doing Tai chi.

So I will certainly keep it up

It will help my MOBILITY.


Jacki Dowse Wednesday morning tai chi 

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