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Tai Chi 4 M Blaby District Covid 19 Certification
Tai Chi classes for all ages and abilities NAKMAS Affiliated instructor 21 years teaching experience. Classes are friendly and structured and will be at a pace to suit the people attending.
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Tai Chi 4 M Blaby District Covid 19 Certification

Due to current goverment guidlines and hall closures all classes are postponed.

However, I am running small outdoor sessions maximum 5 people
or private semi private sessions at a location to suit you. All places must be prebooked due to enforced limits.

Please email

Text 0773981011

to book a place 

Take Care keep safe

Kind Regards 

What can improve your balance and co-ordination,increase the ability to focus and concentrate,relieve stress and leave you feeling mentally energised?

No not some miracle drug but Tai Chi

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese system of physical exercise for the body mind and spirit; a type of 'moving meditation'. It is an internal martial art which means that it is not combative, however the moves do originate from fighting techniques. Its graceful patterns and spiritual and philosophical background make it an ideal way to improve balance and co-ordination,reduce stress increase stamina and suppleness.

A sequence of slow controlled gentle and graceful movements help the body to relax,which in time creates more suppleness,allows the mind to be still relieving stress and tension and bringing a sense of balance.

There is a therapeutic and appropriate quality to Tai Chi practise. It is an ideal antidote for today's hectic lifestyles. It is not a cure,quick fix or some miracle form of exercise, to feel the long term benefits you do need to practise on a regular basis. .
But if you are determined to suceed, helping yourself whilst having fun and learning something new then Tai Chi is for you.
Why wait give it a go.

Tai Chi 4 M Blaby Distric Covid 19 certification

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